Bill Moseley

(Hollywood Star)
Bill Moseley
Personal Details
D.O.B. 1951
Star Sign
Height 6'

Bill Moseley is father of actress Marion Moseley. He has been in six movies with Tom Towels. He was once a journalist, writing for magazines.

Major Movie

Endangered Species, Osa, Mamba, The Blob, Pink Cadillac, The First Power, White Fang, Mr. Jones, Corpse Killer, Evil Ed, The Convent, Vicious, Evil Bong, Thr3e, Fallen Angels, Grindhouse, Home Sick, House, Alone in the Dark II

Bill Moseley - Movies

The Tortured  (2012) 

The Grave  (2010) 

Halloween 2  (2009) 

Babysitter Wanted  (2009) 

House  (2008)