J.K. Simmons

(Hollywood Star)
J.K. Simmons
Personal Details
D.O.B. 1955
Star Sign
Height 6' 1"

J. K. Simmons born January 9, 1955 is an American actor. He has a sister, Elizabeth Simmons O'Neill, and a brother David who is a Christian singer. He is married with Michelle Schumacher. He has two children.

Major Movie

The Ref, The Scout, Extreme Measures, Crossing Fields, Anastasia, Celebrity, Hit and Runway, Beautiful Joe, The Gift, The Mexican, Spider-Man, Disposal, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, Postal, Juno, Red Sands, New in Town

J.K. Simmons - Movies

The Accountant  (2016)  (Upcoming)

The Meddler  (2016) 

Zootopia  (2016) 

Break Point  (2015) 

The Rewrite  (2015) 

Whiplash  (2014) 

Barefoot  (2014) 

3 Geezers!  (2013)