Malcolm McDowell

(Hollywood Star)
Malcolm McDowell
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D.O.B. 1943
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Malcolm McDowell is an English actor. He was born in Horsforth, Leeds, the son of Edna McDowell, a hotelier, and Charles Taylor, a pub owner. McDowell's career has spanned five decades and includes notable roles.

Major Movie

Poor Cow, If...., O Lucky Man, Royal Flash, Aces High, Caligula, The Passage, Cat People, Cross Creek, Get Crazy, The Caller, Sunset, Mortacci, Moon 44, The Player, Bopha!, Milk Money, Tempo, I Spy, Hidalgo, Evilenko, Entourage, Halloween, Doomsday, Delgo

Malcolm McDowell - Movies

Silent Night  (2013) 

Halloween 2  (2009) 

Delgo  (2008) 

Doomsday  (2008) 

Halloween  (2007)