Billu Barber (2009)

Billu Barber
Gauri Khan
Manisha Korde, Mushtaq Sheikh
Gulzar, Sayeed Quadri, Neeraj Shridhar, Ashiesh Pandit
Feb 13, 2009

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About Movie

This week Director Priyadarshan's Billu Barber has been released. Besides directed by a great director this film has a great star cast too. This film is inspired by a Tamil and Malayalam film story. This film is basically based on friendship between an ordinary barber who runs his saloon and a superstar.

The story talks of a village barber Billu [Irfaan Khan]. His wife [Lara Dutta] understands him and always stands by him during his tough times, his children forever make fun of him. Billu isn't able to meet his daily demands, not even making up for his children's school fee. But things aren't the same, a film unit visits his village to shoot a movie and with the unit comes superstar Sahir Khan [Shahrukh Khan] Billu's childhood buddy.

Billu's acquaintance during his childhood days with Sahir Khan is known to the entire village. Now the villagers make a U-Turn in their behaviour towards Billu. They treat him graciously. Everyone is ready to favor him in all spheres. But at the same time everyone starts coaxing him to meet the superstar, all for their own benefits.

The crucial moment for Billu comes when he wonders with conflicting emotions doubting whether Sahir would remember him, since Sahir is a top-charting superstar now. Then Billu tries and make attempts to meet Sahir but fails because of Sahir's security. With this the villagers start getting more restless and an already in trouble Billu has to face their additional wrath. What it all leads to forms rest of the film.

Although the story has been taken from the Malayalam film, Hats off to Priyadarshan for adapting it well to a present day North Indian village setting. Priyan has handled his huge lot of characters very well and brought out humour from the most unexpected situations in this film.

Acting wise, Irfaan Khan is simply superb. He is just natural to the core. Shahrukh Khan is good as usual. Lara Dutta has done well as a village woman with two kids. Rajpal Yadav, Asrani, Manoj Joshi and Rasika Joshi are fine. Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone looks gaurgeous in their item songs.

On the whole, Billu is a simple story about simple people, told in the most simplistic manner. Billu is more of an Irfaan Khan film than a Shahrukh khan one. The film will surely be enjoyed by viewers of all age group. Climax of the film is superb and really deserves an appriciation.