Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang (2008)

Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang
Niloy Kumar De
Sushil Bahety, Rajiv Bahety, R.D. Mallik, N.D. Nagpal...
Nida Fazli
Oct 17, 2008

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About Movie

After so many animated movies like Hunman, Bal Ganesha etc. here is one another animated movie Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang. Indians are not very good in animation but here in this film the animation used is good to see and it looks close to Indian flovour.

The story of the film revolves around two groups of aunts. One is Red and the other one is Black. As goes always, both are against each other while other animals are also there to support the groups. And there is double cross type guy ie. a bug named ghunn. There is a chameleon, sanke etc. etc. And like a Hindi movie, we have Ants of opposite group falling in love with each other.

The film seems to have been produced just eyeing on kids. Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang has caricatured characters that don't exert a pull on audiences. The most exemplifying factor would be so-called chameleon that never changes its colors and a frog that never stops croaking. More specifically, a mongoose that looks like a mouse is really ridiculous and this isn't the end, for you would point out a long-listed absurdities.

Detailing of characters is good but getting on with voices rendered sometimes looks out of sync. It's just Arsani who steals the show. Script could have been tighter but so much liberty is taken.

On the whole, Cheenti Cheenti Bang Bang is a nice movie for kids. The drawings are well done. There are more than 9,60,000 drawings used in the film, and one can imagine it must be tough to give so many insects different faces, and distinguishing characteristics; there are enough situations for songs too.