Dam999 (2011)

Sohan Roy
Abhini Sohan
Nov 25, 2011

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About Movie

About Movie :-DAM Disaster...DAM999 is a tribute to the lost souls of the world's worst man made dam disasters which claimed a toll of lives. The story revolves around the central edifice in this movie, a 100-year-old dam built by the British during their colonial days in India. Like a dam, each character in this movie holds back their emotions for various reasons. Eventually the dam breaks along with that of its characters, drawing the audience to a gripping climax. The number 999 has great importance in British Colonial Indian history. The story reveals the concealed truth of India's age-old myths and science.

It’s a Emotional Thriller movie in 3D.

Suspense in the movie titles it as a thriller. DAM999 portrays the realities of life, some shared and some unshared. Navarasa or 9 human emotions are shown by 9 characters in the movie. Just as a Dam holds water, the 9 characters in the movie hold back their emotion, which eventually breaks out during a disaster drawing the audience to a gripping climax.



Movie Review:- The film deals with the disaster that big dams cause to human settlement and is based on the disaster that struck China when the Banqiao dam burst in 1975 and claimed the lives of almost 2,50,000 victims. But seriously, the film is less about the dam and more about stuff you fail to comprehend.Sohan Roy’s direction is horrifyingly pathetic. He mounts the film of an above average scale and makes sure he has got the right locations, but pays no heed to the demands of his botched script or narration.The 3D adds no value. Ajayan Vincent’s cinematography is good. The only high point about the film is the climax sequence of the dam-breaking and the floods washing away the town. It reminds you of films like 2012, and though it doesn’t live up to that technical brilliance, it is extremely well-done and deserve a mention.Stars abound 'Dam 999' doesn't actually produce any noteworthy performances except Ashish Vidyarthi.

Music is good and songs have quality. Eight tracks are there in movie including the theme song. Hariharan, Shreya Ghoshal and K. Niran gave good songs.