Dhoom 2 (2006)

Dhoom 2
Sanjay Gadhvi
Aditya Chopra
Vijay Krishna Acharya
Nov 24, 2006

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About Movie

Dhoom is back and with Double Dhoom in terms of Action, Adventure, Fun, and Excitement. Dhoom-2 is a sequel to Dhoom with three new faces Hrithik, Aishwarya and Bipasha Basu in major roles. Dhoom has been extensively shot in Namibia, Goa, Rajasthan, Mumbai, Durban and Rio De Janeiro.

Dhoom-2 is a story of Cop, Thief and Theft. The cop versus thief is the subject of the story. The cop is Jai Dixit (Abhishek Bachchan) and the Thief is Aryan a.k.a. Mr. ‘A’.

The story itself begins with a theft taking place in the Namibian desert. A royal family is carrying its Priced Possession- A Centuries Old Crown on a train traveling through the Namibian Desert. Before anyone else can realize the Impending Robbery, the Crown is stolen by Mr. ‘A’. Mr. ‘A’ is an Anonymous, Hi-tech, Most Wanted International Thief. He works alone. He trusts only himself and no one else. No one has seen him. His Theft Skills are examples in their own right. He’s handsome and cool. Be it clothes, women or wine he’s an All-Rounder in all the aspects of life.

Meanwhile in Mumbai ACP Jai Dixit is on duty doing what he does Best-Catching Criminals. Ali (Uday Chopra) is now a police officer himself and is also the partner of Jai. Ali and Jai are Opposites of each other .Jai is an Intelligent and Serious Police Officer while Ali is a Care Free and Fun Loving Guy with an eye which is constantly on the look out for a beautiful girl. Jai often scolds Ali for taking his police duty in a very Casual manner. However when it comes to business they are a Strong Team.

While all the Police of the world is on the look out for Mysterious Mr. A, Mumbai happens to be his next destination. Here Aryan meets a Sunehri (Aishwarya Rai), a bold, beautiful and a smart thief. Though she lives in the suburbs of Mumbai, she has big dreams of going to Amsterdam and America. Charmed and Amused by her attitude, Aryan accepts her Offer of Partnership.

Incidentally Mr. ‘A’ happens to be the next case of Jai who receives the help of ACP Shonali Bose (Bipasha Basu). Shonali is a former college mate of Jai’s and who now also happens to be her partner in revealing the mystery of Mr. ‘A’. Shonali is not only beautiful, she’s also the best sharpshooter in the police force. She’s been studying all the cases of thefts involving Mr. ‘A’. Together with Jai they team up to catch Mr. ‘A’.

Soon Aryan starts operating in Mumbai with Jai being his Obstacle. Jai and Aryan become a Challenge for each other. Both try to outdo each other. Most of the time Aryan is successful but Jai is no less. Jai then plans an Entrapment to catch Aryan.

But will Aryan fall for his trick? Or will Jai be successful with his Plan? Answers to all these make Dhoom-2 an Interesting movie to look out for.

Dhoom-2 doesn’t have the songs of the level of ‘Dhoom’ but still songs like ‘Crazy Kiya Re’ sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and its remix version are above Ordinary. Then there is also ‘Dhoom Again’ although Tata Young would be very much missed with the Hit Number ‘Dhoom Machale’ in the Dhoom movie.

Dhoom-2 is totally an Action Filled Movie with Daredevil Stunts and Thrills to Woo the Audiences.