Drona (2008)

Goldie Behl
Shrishti Arya
Goldie Behl
Dhruv Ghanekar
Vaibhav Modi
Oct 03, 2008

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About Movie

Finally the wait is over with the release of Goldie Behl's Drona. The film has big starcast, big publicity, big banner and big producers too. Event then this film could not make an impact on movie lovers. The screenplay of Drona is a complete mess. The film became a big let down just because of its weak screenplay.

Little Aditya has never known love. Brought up by a foster family, all he knows is taunts and humiliations. Being a fostered child, young charming lad Aditya (Abhishek Bachchan) hasn't experienced true affection and it's just the pain of chagrins rendered by his family. The pathetic scenario prolongs as Aditya grows up. Enter an evil sorcerer Riz Raizada [Kay Kay Menon], a descendant of the Asuras. He is desperate for a precious secret -- the amrit. But to lay his hands on the amrit, he will have to defeat Drona. Problem is he doesn't know who Drona is.

One fateful day, Aditya and Riz come face to face. Riz notices the kada that Aditya is wearing and recognizes him as Drona. Riz's men chase him, but he's saved by Sonia [Priyanka Chopra], who makes Aditya realize his true identity.

Sonia takes Aditya to his birthplace, to his mother, Queen Jayati Devi [Jaya Bachchan]. Aditya gets to know his roots, but Riz and his army catch up with him. Thus begins Drona's journey.

The film right throughout from-alpha-till-omega, you can keep construing the flimsy conceptualization of script, cliched characterizations, and creepy-chaffing screenplay. In particular, it's the galling screenplay that keeps going on and on, until you would scream out of senses, 'Stop it please'. The film doesn't reach its apex so easily and this is sure to get you aggravated. Better, it would have been, if Goldie had sawed off the lengthy tangling story penned by Jaydeep Sarkar, Rohini Killough and Godlie himself.

On acting front, Abhishek Bacchan steps up with a forceful piece of performance. Priyanka Chopra's performance is not her best performance. She is weak at certain levels. Jaya Bachhan's character is very important and sigbnificant. Her performance is just amazing. Kay Kay Menon and Navneet Nissan have not performed their best in Drona.

On the whole, Drona is film with big starcast, banner and producers but it has a weak screenplay and unstablization in storyline. This film will do an average business in multiplexes.