Ek Ajnabee (2005)

Ek Ajnabee
Apoorva Lakhia
Bunty Walia, Jassi Walia
Amar Mohile
Dec 09, 2005

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About Movie

This thriller has been inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster, Man On Fire.
In this Bollywood version, a retired Army Colonel, Suryaveer Singh (Amitabh Bachchan) is summoned to Bangkok by Shekhar (Arjun Rampal) on an assignment.

His job is to be the bodyguard of eight-year-old Anamika (Rucha Vaidya) who happens to be the only daughter of a millionaire couple.

There has been a series of kidnappings in Thailand and so to play safe, the couple employs Suryaveer to look after their daughter.

Suryaveer was chosen because Anamika's mother wanted a bodyguard who would not just be a bodyguard but also a friend to her daughter.

However, Suryaveer has a problem - he is haunted by his past.

Apparently during one of his assignments in the Kashmir Valley, he accidentally killed two children.

The shock caused Suryaveer to hit the bottle. So since that day he has been a heavy drinker.

As Suryaveer spends time with the little girl, she manages to bring out the emotions which have been suppressed by Suryaveer all these years.

He manages to laugh and be joyful once again. But just at this point in time, Anamika gets kidnapped.

When all plans fail for Anamika's release, Suryaveer takes matters in his own hands to catch the culprits and reunite the little girl with her parents.

How he achieves this forms the climax of this high tension thriller.

The first half shows how a relationship is built up between the bodyguard and the little girl while all the action is saved for the second half.

Ek Ajnabee belongs to Amitabh Bachchan and little Rucha. They manage to carry this film their shoulders all the way. The remaining stars are mainly there to provide able support for these two.

A small twist towards the end involving Arjun Rampal does not seem convincing. Watch it to find out.

As for Arjun, his character is well defined in this film and seems to be popular with the girls since he has adorned a totally different getup in this movie.

Overall, this thriller is a must-see if you are an Amitabh fan.

It has not done so well in the UK cinemas - only screened in 20 cinemas during the opening weekend, Ek Ajnabee took 35,058 with an average of 1,757 per show.
(SRC: www.bbc.co.uk)