Fox (2009)

Deepak Tijori
Rohit Kumar, Tijori Enterprises
Deepak Tijori
Monty Sharma
Sandeep Nath
Sep 04, 2009

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About Movie

Fox directed by actor-director Deepak Tijori is truly a suspense and thriller film. It is really tough to make a suspense thriller film. Such a film requires absolute understanding of the expertise and Fox takes off with a brilliant effort by Deepak Tijori for his convincing narration.

The film centers on a young, successful criminal lawyer, Arjun Kapoor (Arjun Rampal) whose knowledge and aggressive interpretation of the law makes him a name to reckon with. He is reputed to have never lost a case and can get anyone acquitted, no matter what the crime. No wonder, then, criminals swear by his name.

After one such case, he is distressed at being cursed where he defends his rich friend who has murdered an innocent girl. Disgusted, he decides to give up his practice after creating a furor in the court stating that his friend is indeed the killer. He is held in contempt of court and his licence is revoked.

Arjun decides to take off to Goa leaving behind his flourishing practice and girlfriend Urvashi (Sagarika Ghatge). However, someone seems to be unwilling to let him go so easily. Now, Arjun is in a race to save himself, and must use the help of his girlfriend Urvashi (Sagarika Ghatge) and a local Goa police officer Yash Deshmukh (Sunny Deol) before it's too late.

Fox starts off very well. The suspense builds up beautifully. In fact everything's going fine till it's time to lift the veil of secrecy. A number of sequences are truly well canned and the characters and situations only evoke mystery. In fact, Fox has an intriguing start and an absorbing middle.

Perofrmance wise, Sunny Deol is not so impressive this time. He seems to be under c control. Arjun Rampal is superb. He is perfect in his part. Udita Goswami is wasted. Sagarika Ghatge is okay. Rest of the cast is fine.

On the whole, Fox comes under one of the finest works by Deepak Tijori. His effort to make a suspense thriller is really appiciable. Nigam Bomzan's camerawork is outstanding. Fox has some interesting attributes to watch out for.