Fruit and Nut (2009)

Fruit and Nut
Kunal Vijaykar
Indian Films
Kunal Vijaykar
Sangeet Haldipur, Siddharth
Saajan Aggarwal
Oct 23, 2009

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Diya Mirza

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Atmaram Bhende

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Surendra Rajan


About Movie

Fruit & Nut is a nutty comedy directed by Kunal Vijaykar. The story of the film does not have a strog base but the performance by all the characters are fitting for the film. This film makes the viewers laugh at places but because of weak writing it fails sometimes.

Fruit & Nut is a film about a simple man named Jolly Maker who is a simple, hard working middle class struggling bachelor in search of love, money, friends and success. One fine day, Jolly Maker's smart, pretty and sexy snob of a colleague, Monica, gets kidnapped under mysterious circumstances. A series of comical mishaps lead Jolly Maker to a crazy Ex-Maharaja who plans on destroying Mumbai. The film is then all about if the poor, adorable, accident-prone Jolly Maker finally falls in love or not, gets his girl or not and above all, is able to save Mumbai or not.

Director Kunal Vijaykar tries hard to keep the viewers entertained, but the writing is just not captivating. Sure, viewers do laugh at a few situations, but there are times when the jokes aren't too funny and also tend to get repetitive.

Performance wise, All the actors have done a good job. Boman Irani is just effortless. He is master in comedy. Cyrus Barocha is fine. Diya Mirza is perfect in her role.And above all is Mahesh Manjrekar. He is just superb. He has done a fabulous job with his perfect timing in comedy.

On the whole, Fruit & Nut is a an average comedy film that has some funny situations. This is only a one time watch movie. The film will have an average business on ticket counters.