Jail (2009)

Madhur Bhandarkar
Bhandarkar Entertainment
Nov 06, 2009

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About Movie

Madhur Bhandarkar a thought-provoking director once again comes up with his never before script in Jail. All his previous films basked itself onto the grounds of reality and 'Jail' isn't exception as it proves to be a hardcore reality drama of prison life that most of our audiances are unaware about. Of course, his previous films including trilogy of Traffic Signal, Corporate, Page 3, and Fashion had been the astonishing works on virtual prospects and this one again strikes with similar quotients.

Parag Dixit (Neil Nitin Mukesh) is a hard working white collared job employee. He has dream life with a good position in a multi-national. He gets a well deserved promotion at his job and is all set to marry his girl friend Mansi (Mugdha Godse).

One day, things take an ugly turn when his car is intercepted by the police. His roommate who is travelling with him, urges him to drive faster when he sees a cop van trailing. However, Parag slows down, while his friend jumps out and starts shooting at the police. Too shocked to understand what has happened in a split second, Parag sees his roommate being hit by a bullet and a bag full of cocaine recovered from the backseat.

He gets wrongly implicated in crime which he is not part of and is subjected to a police custody first and then Thane jail. Thus begins a nightmare for the innocent Parag. He is perplexed and in a place far from his utopian life. He tries hard to face away from the ugly truth and wish it's all a bad dream but soon succumbs to the prison anarchy. The only salvation he finds is in Nawab (Manoj Bhajpayee), a convict and a warder who believes that Parag is innocent. How he faces the problems in a world completely unknown and as dark as he could not even imagine in his wildest dreams forms the rest of the film.

Getting on with performance, Neil Nitin Mukesh delivers a power-packed performance. He is improving with his every performance. Mugdha Godse has done her part well. She is okay. Manoj Bajpayee is top notch, This can be called his best performance after Sathya. Arya Babbar is in great form this time. He is superb with his overpowering performance.

On the whole, Jail is very well made film by Madhu Bhandarkar. Cinematography and background score suits the mood of the film. At box-office this film may do wonders. This film will have a positive response from the viewers. In nutshell Jail is must a watch movie.