Jannat (2008)

Kunal Deshmukh
Mukesh Bhatt
Vishesh Bhatt
Pritam, Kamran Ahmed
Sayeed Quadri
May 16, 2008

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About Movie

The Movie Jannat is directed by Mahesh and Mukesh Bhatt. This film is all about match fixing and bookies. But wait! It would be erroneous to classify Jannat as a cricket-centric film. Cricket is just the wallpaper here. The focus is on the love story, like Gangster which was, at heart, a love story.

Jannat is not full proof as far as a tight script and logic goes. But this is one film where one is willing to overlook the flaws and view the film in its entirety. So what if a South African cricketer speaks fluent Hindi with our bookie, or if a cop from India is heading an operation in South Africa to uncover the betting mafia. Also, one is left wondering, why if he was making so much money based on his 'sixth sense' did he venture so deep into the vortex of 'setting matches'.

Arjun (Emraan Hashmi) is addicted to gambling. From cards, he gradually moves to betting on cricket, and when his 'sixth sense' makes him win big bucks he is taken to South Africa by the king pin to 'set' matches. He falls in love with Zoya (Newcomer Sonal Chauhan) and her presence in his life brings him all the luck required in gambling. They move base to South Africa. Zoya learns of his ways and sets him up with the cops. After being imprisoned, he decides to give up his bad ways and work hard to keep his love. But the lure of the lucre is too big to resist and soon he finds himself drawn for a 'setting' one last time. That's when things go horribly wrong and the coach gets shot.

Emraan, surprisingly is likeable in the role of a gambler. He shows no signs of elation while winning, nor any stress while losing. It's this quality that makes him the gambler that he is. He is cute in the lighter moments, romantic when he is wooing Zoya, focused when setting matches and confused when he has to choose between his love and gambling. Not much is expected from Zoya but she does enough to hold her own.

Emraan Hashmi's performance is mind blowing. He is just the heart of the film. Sonal Chauhan looks pretty and though she's passable in the initial portions, she gets into the groove eventually. This girl has the potential. Jawed Sheikh is brilliant. This is his finest work so far. Samir Kochar is excellent. Vishal Malhotra is good. Shakeel Khan does very well. Abhimanyu Singh is competent. Vipin Sharma leaves a mark in a brief role.

On the whole Jannat is a well made film with sweet music and nice script. The film will do well at box office because it has cricket as the central theme and the game has replaced even the saas-bahu sagas on prime time television!