Loot (2011)

Rajneesh Thakur
Suniel Shetty, Shabbir Boxwala
Prawal Raman
Shamir Tandon, Mika Singh
Nov 04, 2011

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About Movie

Loot is a story of bumbling crooks who are not good at their job.

Pandit and Akbar are thieves who together steal paintings and Antiques for Mr. Baatliwala, who runs an antique shop in Colaba. Tired of their

incompetence, Mr. Baatliwala offers them a last job to steal some jewels from Armenia. As they haven't been abroad, Mr. Baatliwala asks

Builder, his henchman to find Wilson, an another conman who has been abroad to accompany them.

Once in Philippines for the job they rob Lala a fugitive Don who does not like being robbed and is out for blood. So are Irfaan and Aasif,

the guys whose car got stolen as the gang's getaway vehicle and then there is dirty RAW Agent and double dealing Sanya who is their local

contact in Armenia.

Loot is a cat and mouse game about these four crooks trying to survive in a foreign land from all these characters. If they get out of this alive, it will be a miracle!!!

Movie Review :-

Loot lives up to its name. The film is a frame-by-frame rip-off of the Hollywood flick Crime Spree(2003) with not a single scene added or subtracted from its screenplay. Yet it doesn't offer the zillionth fraction of entertainment value that the original crime-comedy did. And it's not just the been-there-seen-that factor which disappoints. Well-made remakes have qualified to be decent watch. But if producer-actor Suneil Shetty believes that merely remaking a Hollywood crime thriller starringMahesh Manjrekar and himself makes for anotherKaante, he is certainly mistaken.
Govinda's comic timing is perfect. The actor, as always carries off the comic sequences entirely on his shoulders. Suniel Shetty is very good and so is Jaaved Jaaferi. Mahakshay is not impressive enough. While Mika does a decent job, Shweta Bhardwaj and Kim Sharma have nothing much to do in Loot. The other stars in the film have done an average job. Dalip Tahhil leaves a mark. Razak Khan has his moments. Prem Chopra makes his presence felt. Shehzaad Khan and the others provide ordinary support.
Shabbir’s story is so juvenile that it’s a wonder, a film has been based on it. The screenplay, also penned by Shabbir, is so slipshod and irritating that the audience is barely able to get involved in the drama. There are absolutely meaningless scenes like, for instance, the foursome questioning Tanya about why she had sent them to the wrong house to rob it. This question makes no sense after it is revealed that Batliwala had fooled the foursome. The screenplay writer seems to have intentionally made it so convoluted that the entertainment factor barely surfaces. Even otherwise, the rhyming and weird dialogues (penned by Rajneesh Thakur) serve to be the best tools for entertaining the audience but they actually serve to irritate them more than entertaining them. In fact, so childish and forced are the screenplay and dialogues that the drama gets on the viewers’ nerves.
Rajneesh Thakur’s direction is dull and routine. He has been able to make the film neither an entertaining drama nor an exciting fare. Music (Shravan Sinha, Mika Singh and Shamir Tandon) is average. Lyrics (Shravan Sinha, Mika Singh and Shabbir Ahmed) are routine. Choreography, by Remo D’souza and Nadeem Khan, is pedestrian. T. Surendra Reddy’s camerawork is passable. Action (Allan Amin) is functional. Editing (Ashok Honda) should’ve been sharper.