Mr. Hot Mr. Kool (2007)

Mr. Hot Mr. Kool
Partho Ghosh
Rishi Sundd
Jan 19, 2007

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About Movie

Mr. Hot Mr. Kool is a romantic comedy revolving around two love stories which intertwine to cause confusions and misunderstandings bringing out the humour of the movie in the process.

Lucky aka Laxman Prasad (Zulfi Syed) and Pat aka Prem Amar Tripathi (Yash Pandit) are two friends who have no job and no aim in life. Lucky is Mr. Kool as he is a cool man. He is handsome and emotional. The Hot looking Pat is Mr. Hot. He is just like his friend, a handsome man but not as emotional.

Both have common traits but at the same time they differ when it comes to relationship. Lucky believes in commitment while Pat is wild at heart. Though they differ on this aspect they both share a common lack of a girl and a job in their lives.

However the lady luck smiles on them. They happen to find good jobs in Londonís LE LE undergarments company added with the privilege of a car driven by a girl chauffer.But the lack of romance in their respective lives still makes them feel lonely. Lucky tackles this lack with patience, waiting for a girl to come his way. Pat on the other is dying to get involved with a girl. He is so obsessed with girls that he even gets his bed sheets printed with semi nude girls. He also prays to Lord Hanuman to fulfill his wish.

Lucky finds it very amusing that he prays to a Lord who himself is a bachelor. He advises him to pray to Lord Krishna who was always surrounded by several Gopis. Pat is convinced and starts going to a local Krishna temple. Here he meets Dolly (Samiksha). Hoping that she is the girl he is looking for, he makes a move only to get a negative response in the form of a slap on his face.

Pat is heart broken but instead of telling the truth to Lucky he claims that the he has finally found a girlfriend. Incidentally a chance meeting brings Lucky and Dolly close to each other and they end up falling in love. Lucky has a girlfriend and Pat pretends to have one. Both go to the temple to show their girlfriends to each other. Pat is unaware of Luckyís affair and at the temple Pat, upon seeing Dolly, pretends that she is her girlfriend.

Lucky is heart broken and confused. Pat on the other hand does happen to fall in love with Pooja (Priya) who works in the same office of Lucky and Pat. Pat is completely head over heels over Pooja and keeps talking about her all the time, much to the dismay of Lucky who thinks he is talking about Dolly.

Soon Lucky gets tired of Patís chit chat about his affair and tells Pat that the girl who has driven him crazy also happens to be his girlfriend as well. Now Pat is in dismay as he thinks that Lucky is referring to Pooja.

What follows is tale of misunderstandings and confusion ultimately leading to the revelation of an affair that never existed.