Right Yaaa Wrong (2010)

Right Yaaa Wrong
Neeraj Pathak
Neeraj Pathak, Krishan Choudhary
Neeraj Pathak
Monty Sharma
Mar 12, 2010

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About Movie

Right Ya Wrong directed by Neeraj Pathak is a gripping thriller with a taut courtroom drama that catches the viewers unaware and surprises. Action hero Sunny Deol is back with a bang a generous dose of Deol action. It's a game of Hide and Seek; a plot, which pairs two thoroughbred cops, who are best of friends, in a volatile courtroom drama that threatens to tear the fabric of their friendship.

The film opens with Ajay (Sunny) being shot and immediately going in a flashback mode. Ajay and Vinay Patnaik (Irrfan Khan) being top cops of Goa Police Force and also thick friends. While Ajay is a forgiving yet at the same time hot headed and impulsive cop, Vinay is the cooler one who analyzes every crime in depth. Ajay is married for 10 years to Anshita (Eesha) and has a kid whereas Vinay is single.

Ajay however, is unaware that his wife is having sexual relationship with his own step brother Sanjay (Sanjay Singh). During a police encounter, dreaded gangster Borris (Aryan Vaid) before dying, shoots two bullets at Ajay that makes the daring cop paralyzed waist downwards. Frustrated leaving a life confined to a wheel chair, Ajay requests Anshita and his step brother to kill him and get the Rs. 5 crore insurance claim, that is on his name. He plans it all well for them so that no evidence is left behind.

All goes well according to the plan, with the two even shooting Ajay down. But, instead of him it is Eesha and Sanjay who are shot dead by Ajay. Police investigations begin with Vinay heading them. It appears like an open and shut case but just before filing the final report, Vinay suspects something wrong. He manages to secure an inquiry against Ajay accusing him of murdering his wife and step brother. However, Vinay’s lawyer sister Radhika (Konkona) comes in aid of Ajay. What follows next is a game played between two strong intelligent minds of that of Ajay and Vinay.

Performance wise, Sunny Deol is back in action. He is just flawless. Irrfan Khan playes his part brilliantly. Eesha is okay. Konkona Sen is perfect for her role.

On the whole, Right Ya Wrong is a pleasant work by director Neeraj Pathak. Must a Watch Film.