Summer 2007 (2008)

Summer 2007
Suhail Tatari
Atul Pandey
Bijesh Jayarajan
Gourov Dasgupta
Vibha Singh, Ujjaini
Jun 13, 2008

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About Movie

Summer 2007 is second release of Sikandar Kher within weeks from his first film Woodstock Villa. This film is directed by Suhail Tatari. The film also includes Gul Panag, Arjan Bajwa, Uvika, Alekh Sangal, Ashutosh Rana and Sachin Khedekar.

Summer 2007 projects a disturbing issue: Farmers committing suicides. The intentions of the film-makers should be lauded. But there's a hitch. The film does highlight the issue quite effectively, but offers no solution to the crisis. Instead, this film focuses on the 'awakening' of the careless and carefree youth.

The story begins with a group of students from a medical college. These brats from rich backgrounds establish a group called Studds headed by Rahul(Sikandar) and enter the world of college politics.

In an attempt to escape from the election campaign the Studds take off on their village posting for a month assuming it to be yet another picnic. Soon they are encountered by the bitter realities of India as they are caught within the whirlpool of extreme poverty and farmer suicides. The village is in pits and the hospital where the group has to work is in ruins. Do they leave the mess just as they had found it and get away from there? Or do they choose to get involved?

Suhail Tatari definitely has a message to put across and a noble one. But somewhere down the line things start to loosen up terribly. The story and screenplay by Bijesh Jayarajan is extremely weak and lacks focus. One wonders what the movie really is about. The entire first half is covered by crass jokes and the college brat lifestyle with a lot revolving around college politics.

On the acting front, Sikandar fails to impress and does not really act but simply carries the attitude and style. Gul Panag excels with her bit. She plays her character with ease. Arjan Bajwa , Alekh Sangal and Uvika have been offered meaty roles but none make a mark.

What's really the pick of this flick, is Ashutosh Rana and his performance. This man here puts in a superlative performance that puts all the other actors in the shade. Simple, subtle, impressive, totally seeped within the character he portrays.

On the whole the film has good concept gone wrong thanks to too many sub-plots and a really long running time close to almost 3 hours. The film is a must watch for all Ashutosh Rana's Fans. He is the life of the film. At box office the film has no chances.