Valentine (2012)

Kirshan, Badal
Kirshan Kumar, Sanjeev Malhotra
Kumar Badal
Feb 14, 2012

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Rahul Minz

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Neha Thakur


About Movie

About Movie:- Movie is based on the life of four couples breaking up on Valentine's Day in New Delhi. The broken hearts meet on social networking sites and decide to leave their pain of separation behind. They move out to enjoy the 'Valentine's Night'. The story revolves around the NIGHT of Valentine's Day, when all the four couples meet. There is loyalty test, there are mistakes committed and what happens thereon is quite an adventure. Each gets the love of their life but not before a murder is committed... Everybody is under the scanner but who has done it? From Romance to thrill, 'Valentine's Night' travels the complete journey.



Movie Review:-Written and co-directed by former Tehelka journalist Kumar Baadal, the movie is an exploration of five young, wannabe cools - all nursing a farm-fresh broken heart - in times of social networking. But soon the movie becomes like its protagonists who look all dressed up and have nowhere really to go. There's plenty of chatter. And the only guys who find the conversation funny are the characters themselves who often burst into hysterical laughter. Midway, the movie changes tracks. New characters crop up along with fresh sub-plots. The gang of five is sucked into Jat politics, a prostitution racket and drugs. Finally, the movie devolves into a shoddy murder mystery. But there's little that grabs attention.Valentine's Night ends up like one of those car drivers in the movie who doesn't know where to go and keeps circling the streets of Delhi.

Direction, Dialogues and Music:-The ordinary script and the poor performances. Poor shot taking, location handling and jerky narrative.  

Overall:- Boring Movie