Kireedom (2007)

A.L. Vijay
Suresh Balaji
R B Gurudhev
Aug 03, 2007

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About Movie

Kireedom, a remake of the Malayalam hit of the 80s, is a rollicking yarn, with committed performance from its principal actors ? Ajit, Trisha and Raj Kiran. The plot is driven by the notion that bad things can happen to good people and good people by their nature seem unable to do much about it.

Director AL Vijay must be lauded for his sincere and intelligent effort for bringing to the fore the dynamics of relationship between a father and a son, with a heart squeezing emotion yet not drenched in crude sentimentality. Though, less experienced, the director has not been distracted from the fact that the performers are lead actors and has stayed focused and kept the plot moving at an engaging pace.

Fortunately, the producers Suresh Balaje and Adlabs will never regret for funding this humble project. The film is sure to make its impact on the audiences.

Here goes the story...

Rajarajan (Raj Kiran) is an honest policeman, whose guiding principle is to be a faithful guardian for the public. He leads a tranquil life with his huge family comprising a caring wife (Saranya), three sons, two daughters and a jobless son-in-law (Vivek). Rajarajan has only one goal in life: to make his eldest son Sakthivel (Ajith) a policeman like him.

Sakthi bumps into Divya (Trisha), a jovial college student and after a few comic encounters they become closer. Eventually they both fall in love. Both the families agree their marriage. The situation changes when Rajarajan slaps the son of the local MLA for humiliating a policeman in public.

The goons pressurize Rajarajan to apologize but he remains stubborn and refuses to yield to their threats. As a punishment, Rajarajan is transferred to Kodaikanal, which is terrorized by a notorious gangster Varadarajan (Ajay). Nevertheless, even in his new posting, Rajarajan is sucked deeper into problems, for no fault of his. On the day when Sakthi was to get selected as an Sub Inspector, an incident happens which turns their life topsy-turvy. However, Sakthi is not the one to be cowed down by threats. How he fulfils his father's ambition comes in an interesting presentation in the second half of the movie.

The driving force behind the film is undoubtedly the two central performances. Ajith is nothing short of phenomenal as a dutiful and beloved son. His demeanor, attitude and vocal style perfectly match the role. The interludes between him and Raj Kiran are soul stirring.

However, it is veteran character actor Raj Kiran, who steals the show in his frames. Trisha bursts with cute moments. Thanks to the near perfect chemistry with Ajith, and her comedic timings with Vivek and Santhanam, the film moves swiftly. Supporting actors, Saranya as Ajith's mother, KPAC Lalitha as the grandmother, and Ajay as the villain are restrained but convincing.

Music director G V Prakash, who was shot to fame for his melody hits in Veyyil has proved that he is here to stay. His background score combined with Thiru's engaging visuals emphasizes the grassroots background of the characters and adds authenticity to the whole set up. The songs - "Akkam Pakkam..." and "Kanavellam..." enthrall the audience. Stunts choreographed by Super Subbarayan are sensible and apt.

A family entertainer, the film also presents a positive example for young viewers about how to view human relationships and how to make them successful.