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Bhangra Dance

Bhangra is a lively form of folk music and dance that originates from Punjab. Punjabis performed Bhangra to celebrate the sucess of the harvest. People perform Bhangra on the day of Baisakhi, April 13. Bhangra is considered the king of dances. During Bhangra, people ....

Garba Dance

Garba Dance is a popular folk Dance of Gujarat. It is a circular form of dance performed by ladies on the Navaratri days, Sharad Purnima, Vasant Panchami, Holi and such other festive occasions. The basics of the dance are singing and clapping rhythmically while going ro....


Bharatanatyam, whose antiquity is well established, is the most popular of Indian dances, which said to be originated in Thanjavoor (Tanjore) of Tamil Nadu. Bharatanatyam is a purest form of classical dance These three concepts comes into play in Bharatnatayam Bhava....

Kuchipudi Dance
Andhra Pradesh

Kuchipudi, one of the art forms of the South had its origin in Andhra Pradesh. Actors sing and dance, and the style is a blend of folk and classical.Lyrics used in Kuchipudi are usually in Telugu, though Sanskrit verses are also not uncommon. Kuchipudi is a perfect b....

Kathakali Dance

Kathakali is one of the oldest theatre forms in the world. It originated in the area of southwestern India now known as the state of Kerala. Kathakali is a group presentation, in which dancers take various roles in performances traditionally based on themes from Hindu m....

Gidda Dance

Women have a different but no less exuberant dance called gidda. During Lohri occasion, the Punjabi women revelling joy, give vent to their suppressed feelings in a male dominated society through the Giddha. Slogans known as bolis are sung while dancing which exhibit th....

Manipuri dance
Manipur, Assam

Manipuri dance is one of the major Indian classical dance forms. It originates from Manipur, a state in north-eastern India on the border with Myanmar (also known as Burma). It was originally only performed in temples and continues to form an integral part of the rel....

Mohiniyattam Dance
South Indian, Kerala

Mohiniyattam also spelled as mohiniaattam, mohiniattom or mohiniyattam; Malayalam: is a traditional South Indian dance form from Kerala, India. It is a very graceful dance meant to be performed as a solo recital by women. The term Mohiniattam comes from the words "Mohin....

Kathak Dance
North India, Uttar Pradesh

Kathak is one of the classical dance forms of India (originally from North India). It is a narrative dance form characterized by fast footwork (tatkar), spins (chakkar) and innovative use of bhav in abhinaya. It has today a form that has been influenced at various times....

Odissi Dance
Eastern India, Orissa

Odissi (or Orissi) is the traditional style of dance that originated in the state of Orissa in Eastern India, where it was performed by the maharis (temple dancers). It is one of the oldest surviving forms of dance. Today, there are three distinct styles of Odissi, incl....

Sattriya Nritya

Sattriya, or Sattriya Nritya, is one among eight principal classical Indian dance traditions. The other seven are Bharatanatyam, Kathakali, Mohini Attam, Kuchipudi, Odissi, Kathak, and Manipuri. Whereas some of the other traditions were revived in the recent pasts, Satt....


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