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About Palakkad Fort

Palakkad Fort (Tipu's Fort) is an old granite fort situated in the heart of Palakkad town of Kerala state, southern India. It was built by Haider Ali in 1766 and remains one of the best preserved forts in Kerala. Inside the fort is a small Anjaneya (Lord Hanuman) temple inside the fort that attracts a number of devotees.

Currently There is a large ground between the Fort and the Palakkad Town hall, known as Kota Maidanam (Fort Grounds). The ground, which had once served as a stable for the elephants and horses of Tipu's army, is now used to stage cricket matches, exhibitions and public meetings. An open air auditorium called "Rappadi", currently under the preservation of the Archaeological Survey of India, is also located within the spacious grounds of the Fort. Additionally, there is a children's park on one side of the Fort.

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