Goindwal Sahib - Amritsar

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About Goindwal Sahib

Goindwal Sahib is on the banks of river Beas and is a significant place of Sikhism. Goindwal is situated at a distance of 30 km south-east of Amritsar city. Guru Amar Das Ji established this place and personally helped in the construction of the Gurdwara and Baoli (well) with 84 steps leading down to it. Guru Amar Das said that whoever recited the entire Japji prayer of Guru Nanak on each of the 84 steps with a pure heart before bathing in the Baoli would receive spiritual emancipation. Besides, there is 'Langar' the famous community kitchen of Guru Amar Das, where each visitor is offered food free of cost. It has been recorded by a Sikh historian that Emperor Akbar also took meal in the Langar, before meeting the Guru.