Gurdwara Bal Lila Maini - Dhuburi

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About Gurdwara Bal Lila Maini

Gurdwara Bal Lila Maini is situated in Patna, Bihar and is also associated with the childhood of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. This Gurudwara Sahib was the house where Raja Fateh Chand Maini lived. Raja Fateh Chand Maini and his Queen live at this place who were one of the great admirers of Gobind Rai (The tenth Guru, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji). They had everything but felt a emptyness in life and darkness in future bacause they were childless. Queen preyed to God to have a son like Gobind Rai, thus developed a special affection with young Gobind Rai. One day Queen was worshipping God, Gobind Rai often came in her house with his playmates and sat in the lap of the Queen and said in a lovely voice:

"Mother, we all are tired and hungry due to full day's play, give something to eat".

The sweet melody word 'mother', gave intense pleasurable excitement to the childless queen.

Before this queen was never called by anyone, 'mother'. This pronouncement filled the long-outstanding gap in her heart. She huged Gobind Rai in her arms. Both the King and the Queen were overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. She fed Gobind Rai & his friends with boiled grams and puris. Even now boiled and salted gram is served as prasad to every visitor and pilgrim, in sweet memory of the visit of Gobind Rai. This visit changed the life of the King and the Queen, into happiness. They adopted Gobind Rai as their own son and decided to donate the palace and property in the name of Gobind Rai. Later on a beautiful Sikh Shrine was constructed. While returning home, Gobind Rai reported to his mother that he had made another mother. Mother (Gujri) asked,

"Then how will one son play in two laps"

Gobind Rai replied,

"Just as one moon is visible in two pools at the same time"

Gurudwara Bal Leela is also called as Maini Sangat and is just few meters away from Takhat Patna Sahib.