Gurudwara Amb Sahib - Mohali

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About Gurudwara Amb Sahib

Gurudwara Amb Sahib is about 10 kms. from Chandigarh in Phase 8 Mohali, which has the blessings of The Great Guru Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib Ji. It is believed that if you make a wish in this Gurudwara, it will surely come true. People travel from far off places to pay a visit to this Amb Sahib Gurudwara in Mohali.

A resident of Village Lambian, Bhai Kuram Singh, a lobana by caste, traveled to Amritsar to have a glimpse of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji. It was season of mangoes and in the court of the great Guru Arjun Dev Ji, the followers were giving their offerings. Followers from Kabul came with ripe mangoes, which were distributed among the devotees as Parshad. But Bhagat Kuram Singh did not eat Parshad because he felt sorry that he had came from the land of mangoes but had not thought to bring any to the Guru. So he decided to offer that mango (which was given to him as Prashad) to Guru Ji. When he offered that mango to Guru Ji, Guru Ji said "This mango was given to you as parshad but you have offered the same here". Then he answered that, I have come from the land of mangoes but have not brought any for offering to You, that is why I m offering this mango to You. Then Guru Ji ordered him to eat the mango and promised him that his offering shall one day be taken.

In the month of Poh - mid December in 1659, Guru Ji visited here from Kurukshetra to meet his disciple Bhai Kuram Singh. At that time Bhai Kuram Singh was deeply engaged in meditation under a mango tree. On seeing him, Guru Ji ordered him to fulfill his promise of offering a mango, but he politely replied that he was unable to do so because mangoes were not in season. On listening his reply, Guru Ji asked him to look up and notice the tree under which he was meditating. When he looked up, he was amazed to see that the tree was now full of ripe mangoes. He then bows Guru Ji feets and Guru Ji said him to offer mangoes as Prashad to Sangat and he obeyed Guru Ji's orders.

This tree bears mangoes throughout the year and is distributed to the devotees as Prasad.