Manji Sahib Alamgir - Ludhiana

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About Manji Sahib Alamgir

Gurudwara Manji Sahib Alamgir is situated in Alamgir Village near Ludhiana Distt. Guru Gobind Singh Ji reached Alamgir village after the martyrdom of his mother & four sons by Mughals and stayed here for few days. On reaching Alamgir, one of the horse trader of the Village named Bhai Nigahia Singh, gifted a horse to Guru Ji. Bhai Nabi Khan & Bhai Gani Khan provided a bed (manji) to Guru Ji. Guru Ji asked an old lady who was picking cowdung whether he could get some water from somewhere to take bath to which the old lady replied that

"Pir Ji this is a place of ruins, there is no water here".

There is a well far away but there is a big python that lives there, no one goes there. On listening this, Guru Ji hit the python with an arrow & gave it " Mukti " ( exemption from further transmigration ) & the python fell into the well. When the people went to take water from the well, they found that the water is not clean, Guru Ji, then hit one more arrow & there was a water spring that came out & all had a bath. On seeing this miracle, the old lady fell into Guru Sajib's feet & said

"Peer Ji you are a wonderful Peer, I have a request. I have leprosy & i have gone to various places to get the treatment done but it has not been cured, kindly cure my disease & help me to get rid of this disease".

Guru Ji said that whoever takes a bath under this water spring with belief, GOD will cure all his sadness. Then Guru Ji sat on the horse given by Bhai Nigahia Singh & went towards Raikot. The old lady had a bath in that water spring & was cured. She went back to the village & told about the whole story. The place where Bhai Nabi Khan & Bhai Gani Khan kept GURU SAHIB's bed, today at that place exists a beautiful Gurudwara known as Manji Sahib Alamgir.