Mount Everest - Tibet & Nepal Border

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About Mount Everest

Location : Tibet And Nepal
Altitude : 8,850m (29,035ft)
Also Known As Sagarmatha In Nepal & Chomolangma In Tibet
Best Trek Season : April To May

English climbers were the first ones to conquer the Mouth Everest debacle. Before World War IInd, three English expeditions were sent to the north of Himalayas, which is the Tibetan side of the Mount Everest. Twice the climbers reached the altitude of 8,600m, but unfortunately failed to summit.

The southern side of the Mount Everest, that is the Nepalese side of the mountain was opened to the mountaineers after World War IInd. After the occupation of Tibet by China, the mountaineering expeditions toward Mount Everest began from the Nepalese side. On 29th May, 1953, after three decades of immense attempts, man finally reached the highest-lying point on Earth. The winning team of the first climbers of the Mount Everest consisted of Newzealander Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay Sherpa.

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