Salarjung Museum - Hyderabad

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About Salarjung Museum

Situated In Hyderabad “The SalarJung Museum” has a fine collections of jade, metalware, textiles and weapons which provide a glimpse into the post Mughal court life.The jade room displays beautiful wine bowls,daggers with jade handles, plates , mirror frames. On display in the Ivory Room are chess sets, images and painted objects.

The paintings on view include Jain palm leaf miniatures, miniatures from the Deccain, Malwa, Mewar and kangra schools. There is also a Western art section which contains glass from Venice, Bohemia and England, imitations of European painters and the museum's pride.

There is also an enormous library of Rae books and manuscripts. The museum, known for its european art collection, has an Indian art section far superior in terms of size,variety and quality.

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