Colva Beach - Colva Village

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About Colva Beach

Colva is Goa's longest beach with 20 km of virgin white sands that are fringed with palms and drenched with the sun. Colva Beach is an ideal spot for scenic splendour. Here, sand, sea and sky blend in enchanting natural harmony. Many choose to go to the Goa Colva beach to experience a change from the crowded Anjuna or Calangute beaches. Colva beach in Goa is one beach which is usually less crowded.

Colva is pleasant and convenient place to stay, swimming is relatively safe, while the sand, at least away from the beach front, is spotless and scattered with beautiful shells. There are many snack bars lined up along the beach which offer you delicious Goan cuisine that can be complimented with innovative cock-tails.