Dachigam Park - Srinagar

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About Dachigam Park

Dachigam National Park is situated in the beautiful city of Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir state. Its forests and picturesque landscape have always attracted tourists from all around. The park is divided into two large sectors-the Lower and Upper Dachigam regions.

The landscape at Dachigam consists of deep ravines, rocky ridges, steep slopes and alpine pastures. The Masrar Lake, in higher Dachigam, is at the mouth of the Dachigam River. The river is regarded as the lifeline of the park, for its meanders through Lower Dachigam region from its point of origin, thus replenishing the entire lower region. The park is home to the endangered hangul or the Kashmiri stag, the only species of red deer to be found in India.