Gir National Park - Junagadh District

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About Gir National Park

Visit the Gir National Park, which is the natural home of the Asiatic lion with a healthy population of the other animal species too. This national park in India covers an area of 1150 square kilometers with 300 square kilometers forming the core area of the national park. Gir is located among the low, undulating and excellently irrigated hills in the Junagadh district of Gujarat.

The ecosystem of Gir, with its diverse flora and fauna, is a result of the efforts of the Government forest department, wildlife activists and NGOs. The forest area of Gir and its lions were declared as "protected" in the early 1900's by the then Nawab of the princely state of Junagadh. This initiative assisted in the conservation of the lions whose population had plummeted to only 15 through slaughter for trophy hunting.

The park and the sanctuary remain open all year but the cool and dry weather between late-November and early-March is the recommended visiting period. During this period it is easier to sight the wildlife in the open.