Educational Quotes

Education is a continuing process from the minute we are born until we die.
-indira gandhi
- -Indira Gandhi

If there is no filament in the bulb there is no light .if teacher is not in your life there is no life
- sourav rana

Defeat the defeat before the defeat defeats you
- anitha

Every successful person has a painful story and every painful story has a successful ending. so, accept the pain and get ready for success.
By - Sarfaraz amani

Prayer is not a spare wheel, that you can pull out when you are in trouble. use it as a steering wheel, that wil keep u on the right path through out your life.
By - Sarfaraz amani

We always feel bad that good things happened only to other. but, we always forget that we are others for someone else.
By - Sarfaraz amani

If your eyes are sweet you will love the world. but, if your tongue is sweet, the world will love you.
By - Sarfaraz amani

The mind grows by what it feeds on.
- J. G. Holland

Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.
By - Sarfaraz amani

Be curious always! for knowledge will not acquire you: you must acquire it.
- Sudie Back

If money is your hope for independence you will never have it. the only real security that a man will have in this world is a reserve of knowledge, experience, and ability.
- Henry Ford

Some people drink from the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.
- Robert Anthony

To be conscious that you are ignorant is a great step to knowledge.
- Disraeli

God gives every bird it's food,
but he does not throw it into it's nest.
By - Sarfaraz amani

The happiest of people don't necessarily have the best of everything they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.
By - Sarfaraz amani

He tongue weighs practically nothing,
but so few people can hold it.
By - Sarfaraz amani

Learn from the mistakes of others.
you can't live long enough to make them all yourself
By - Sarfaraz amani

Don't be afraid to fail because only through failure do you learn to succeed.
By - Sarfaraz amani

People only see what they are prepared to see.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Only by going too far can one possibly find out how far one can go.
- Jon Dyer

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