Political Quotes

Democracy means government by discussion, but it is only effective if you can stop people talking

No nation can be destroyed while it possesses a good home life.
- J. F. Holland

Moral decline of a country is a total decline.
- Anonymous

No nation – perhaps no individual has progressed without mistakes.
- Indira Gandhi

The four pillers of government….religion, justice, counsel and treasure.
- Anonymous

Government can easily exist without law, but law cannot exist without government.
- Bertrand Russell

When two diplomats shake hands, nobody can be sure whether it’s friendship or time for the fight to start.
- Anonymous

To deceive a diplomat, speak the truth, he has no experience with it.
- Anonymous

An election year is when a lot of politicians get free speech mixed up with cheap talk.
- Anonymous

In an election year the politicians run and the tax payers sweat.
- Anonymous

Politicians are the same all over. they promise to build a bridge where there is no river.
- Nikita S. Khrushchey

A fellow who shakes your hand before the election and shakes you after the election.
- Anonymous

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