Quotes on Success

Hard workers will always achieve whatever they want.
By - Dr. Ajay Bajaj

Sucess,will get to those who will work hard
- me

3p's are very important for sucess
1, punctuality
- Gube

Be yourself in life....and nothing is really needed....!!!!!

Success is combination of our thoughts, words and actions
- hari kishor

Success and satisfaction are synonyms
- hari kishor

Success has many fathers but a failure has none
- sourav rana

Mirror reflects your soul not your identity. so try to identify yourself....
- Pratul Shrivastava

Enjoy; what life was ?
what life is ?
and what life will be ?
- Pratul Shrivastava

Confidence is the best buddy of success.so always be in touch with your buddy.
- Pratul Shrivastava

Don't lie to your dreams just make them possible.....
- Pratul Shrivastava

Love pains a lot however money makes it easy.
- Pratul Shrivastava

There is no future in the past, so make the future and live the present.
- Pratul Shrivastava

If you risk nothing,
you risk everything..
- sohil chhabriya

Success depends on hard work. it do not depends on luck
By - Mateen

To achieve success one should always be in right place in right time.
By - Mohit

"if you want to succeed, you must make your own opportunities as you go"
- John B.Gough

Always wait for the right chance because for every bad work there is a good time.
- Jamshed "Hamd"

Every bullet has 1 day to fire but it's not confirm when...like that an individual have 2 make their personality to fire any time 2 get success...!!
- Pritesh Mehta

Path to success begin from darkness(zero).
- Angel

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