Helpng Others Is Helping Yourself (Inspirational Story)

There was a village in Gujrat and story is set in 1947.There was a Bhramin Family consisting of Father,Mother,Son and Daughter.Father was Bhramin and he use to go to houses for doing Prayers and he use to take care of Hanuman Temple.He use to get Dakshina from Rich people and he and his family surviev on it.This story revolves around the Son and Daughter.Name of the Son was Chirag and Daughter name was pooja.Chirag was 14 years old while Pooja was 9 years old.They were studying at the Muncipal Gujrati school in that village.

Today is the Birthday of Pooja and she is Dressed up well but she is upset as there parents are going to Temple for Prayers as they are care taker of that Temple.His Father was having cycle on which they used to go to Temple.It was Pooja's Birthday and she was Sad due to her Parents but Parents are trying to convience her that they will come in Afternoon with Sweets.After hearing the name of Sweets she was convienced and before Leaving Home they called Chirag and told him to take care of her Sister and they will come back.They left Home for Temple while both the Parents where traveling from Cycle they loosed Balance and Fell down from the Hills and both Died Immediately.There Dead Body was brought to Home all Relatives gathered there for there Cremation.After Cremation they where thinking what to do about Pooja and Chirag.Uncles and Aunts where not ready to accept them as they were Poor and cant take care of both. Relatives left home and went to there Native Place.Neighbor used to give Food to both the Children and they were not able to go to Schools as well.The house where they stayed was Rented and Owner wanted it to be given back to him as Children cant pay Rent.Neighbors tried to convince Owner but he was not ready for that.

Chirag was 14 years old and was understanding the situation very well and he was not able to understand what need to be done.He took a Decision to leave village and go somewhere far.He took his sister and went to Railway Station.There was train on Railway Station he just entered the train without Ticket with his sister and sat beside the Toilet in Train.After Traveling for 10 hours they reached last Station and they came out of Train and saw it was Bombay.They sat on one of the bench on station and both of them were hungry after a long Journey.They cant do anything as there was no money with them to buy anything for Eatable.There was man in Railway Canteen staring at Chirag and Pooja while Pooja was Crying and was asking for Food.That Man came to her with Parle G Biscuits but Chirag denied to take it.Man asked him why he is not taking it, Chirag politely informed him that his Parents have refused to take any thing from Strangers.Man asked him where are their Parents.Chirag with tears in his eyes Informed they are No more in the World.Man told him if he want he can work in Railway Canteen and he can Sleep in Canteen with her Sister and he will provide him Food and Clothing.Chirag was having no other option as her Sister was crying and asking for food and he was Hungry as well.Chirag started working there and stayed there with Sister.

Chirag worked over there in Canteen and his Basic needs where taken care and he was getting off for half day on Sunday.He used to take her sister to Garden for play.One day while going to Garden he saw some people working in Garage and he was shocked to see people working with Cars and Bikes.He was Impressed by that and wanted to learn that so every sunday when he get half day he used to stand in front of Garage and try to learn how they are Repairing it.One day he thought I should speak in Garage that I want to Learn this.He just went inside the Garage and told people working there that he want to Learn this and Mechanics there told him to meet Owner of Garage.He went Inside the Office of Garage and Saw a Punjabi man with Turban on his Head and big mustach and Beard.He told him that he want to work in this Garage and want to Learn the Skills of Repairing the Cars and Bikes.Sardarji was a nice man and he told him to join him from next day and he can stay at his Homes where he have empty Room.Sardarji Introduced him as Charanjit Singh and he can call him Charan Uncle.Chirag Joined Garage and started working there and learned everything about Vehicals.

Charan Uncle used to stay with her Daughter Sharan kaur and Wife Inderjit Kaur.Sharan kaur was of the same age of Pooja and she was going to School so Charan Uncle told Chirag that why don't he Sends her Sister to School.Chirag was very Happy to hear that but he was not having that much funds to Invest.Charan Uncle Fixed his Salary Rs.3 per month and Informed him to pay him from his Salary and he will pay Money for Pooja's Admission and Chirag agreed to it.Pooja and Sharan kaur were sent to Nainital in Boarding School for further Education.Charan Uncle kept Chirag as his Son and took good care of him.Just to Earn more money he used to sell Newspaper and Milk on Street so that her Sisters needs are taken care.Pooja was studying in Nainital and Chirag was in Bombay with Charan Uncle.

Four Years passed and Now Chirag was 18 years while Pooja was 13 Years.One fine morning he was Repairing Car and he was Sleeping below the Car and fixing it and owner of the Car was inside the Car.Chirag told him to check if Car is starting and Car owner tried it and Car moved Over the Right Hand of Chirag and he was Shouting and Bleeding. Uncle Charan took him to nearest Hospital for Treatment.Doctor informed that his right hand is damaged and they have to remove it from body.After some days Chirag came back home without his right hand and he was taking Rest but he knows that he and his sister is burden on Charan Uncle because without Hand he cant repair the Vehicals.Uncle Charan was able to understand what Chirag is Feeling and he never told him to leave his place but he took care of Chirag as his own son.It was Hurting Chirag and he planned to start work again but all other Mechanics told him that its not possible for him to Repair Vehical without one Hand.He started practicing to repair car with help of his Left Hand and Legs.After some Months he was able to Repair any Vehical and he was Master in his work.Uncle Charan was very happy as his customer base was Increasing as he was working so well and people use to come to see how he Repairs the Vehical without Right Hand.

Two years passed and now Chirag was 20 years while Pooja was 15 years.A Japanese Automobile company was Planing to Launch a Car in India. Three Japanese Executive came to India with Car to test it on Indian Roads and there was a man named Shyamlal to Guide them as they where unable to Speak Hindi and Shyamlal knows Japanese very well.While testing the car on Indian road car was Damaged and stopped working and Japanese Executive were worried what to do about the car as this is the Imported Car and no one in the country can Fix it.Shyamlal Informed them there is one man who can fix this car and convienced Japanese Executive to visit Uncle Charans Garage.They reached to Uncle Charans Garage and Shyamlal Introduced Chirag to the Japanese Executive and they where laughing on Shyamlala as he took them to a Handicap man who repairs Vehical.Shyamlal informed them to give him a chance and he will fix that.Japanese Executive agreed and gave permision to repair the car.Chirag started fixing the car and Japanese Executive where amazed to see the Handicap man working on Car.Car was finally repaired and was working good and they observed that car was giving more milage then before.They told Shyamlal to tell Chirag about the Job in there Japanese Automobile Company.Shyamlal was Happy about it and Informed Chirag about same and Chirag denied praposal as he dont want to leave Uncle Charan as he helped him throughout his life.Shyamlal planned to speak to Uncle Charan about it and he informed Uncle Charan about the same and Uncle Charan was upset that Chirag denied proposal of Japanese Executive.He called Chirag and Informed him to leave the Job and go some where else as his Garage wont need him.Chirag requested Uncle Charan to allow him to work but Uncle Charan was not ready.There was no option in front of Chirag rather going to Japan as her sister is studying and her needs are to be taken care.Chirag went to Japan and and was told to work as Supervisor for Consumer Vehical.

Six years passed and now chirag was 26 years while pooja was 20 years.Chirag has performed so well in the Company that he was Designated to Head of Consumer Vehical for Japan and now he has learned Japanese as well.Japanese Automobile company was planning to Launch there Hi Tech Vehicals in some Countries and there was a name of India in that company.It was year 1959 and India was Devloping its root in to Industrial sector.Japanese Automobiles Company thought to send Chirag to Head Indian Sector.Chirag was very happy to know that he will be coming back to India and he will be meeting Uncle Charan and show him what he have achieved and was happy to meet sister after so many years.He came to India and he Purchased a Bunglow for himself because his sister will be staying with him.Chirag planned to meet Uncle Charan and he went to the place where Garage is located and he saw that all the Old Building there are Demolished and there are Several Industries.He started finding Uncle Charan and there Family but was unsucessfull finding them.One fine Day he went to his Companys Head Office at India and saw Uncle Charan was working as Watch Man.Chirag was verry Happy to meet Uncle Charan there but was unhappy as he is working as Watch Man.Uncle Charan eyes where full of Tears to see Chirag at this position.Chirag requested him to come to His Automobile companys Inogration after Two Days and Uncle Charan agreed.Pooja was back from Nainital and was very happy to see her Brother in good condition.

After Two Days Chirag send a Car with Driver to Uncle Charans Home to recive there Family.Uncle Charan came to Chirags Home first and they saw a wonderful Bunglow and Uncle Charans Family was very happy to see that.Chirag went near to Uncle Charan and gave him the keys and Uncle Charan questioned him what is this and Chirag replied this is your Bunglow and that Car from which you came is yours.Uncle Charan was not ready to accept it but Chirag forced him to take it because whatevere Uncle Charan did for them Nobody in world would have done for him and her sister.Uncle Charan told him to leave his Garage and go because he want Chirag to achieve something and should not miss tthe Opportunity what he got due to his Skills.Uncle Charan took it from him and they always stayed together and Chirag was there with them till they died like a Loving and Caring Son.

You have two hands, one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.
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