Be Human (Religious Story)

Its the Story during the Time when Islamic Emperor used to Rule India.There used to be a Village where Hindus and Muslims used to stay together.There was no unity amongst the People.People used to Fight for their Religion.Emperor used to neglect the fights and was intrested in the wealth.There used to stay a Maulana who used to read Namaz five times a day and worshiped Allah.He was staying with his wife and young son.His son used to work at Emperors place as Treasurer.One Day Maulana woked up Early and went to another village which was 50 miles away from his village.While coming back to his village he found there is fight going bettwen Hindus and Muslims and there are several people died.He was worried to go back to his own village and he planned to stay out of village till the time fight wont stop.He went toward Forest and was finding place to hide.He saw a Krishna Temple and thought this is best place to hide and nobody will harm him in the Temple.Temple was very small and there where fruits and flower garland over the neck of krishna.He sat over there in front of the Idol of Krishna and he was there for 24 hours and he ate all the Fruits there.He found a man going through Forest and he asked him the condition in vilage and he Informed that Everything is Fine.He came Back to Village and went to masjid to read Namaz.While Reaturning back from Masjid to Home he found troop of peoples shouting Hare Rama Hare Krishna and Dancing on it.Maulana heard that and started Dancing with them and all the villagers were watching it and were shocked with that.Empror came to know about it and he called Maulana to his Palace and asked him what happend he replied I dont know but when sound of Hare Rama Hare Krishna felt on my Ears I was not able to stop my Feet.Emperor warned him not do it again.His son came to know about it and was upset due to his fathers action.He told Father to stay at Home and not to go outside.Maulana used to sit at the stair case of his Home and one Hindu Saint was going from there.Maulana called him and told him to show the book in his Hand .It was Bhagvat Gita in Sanskrit.Maulana started Reading it and his wife was Shocked the moment she saw her husband reading a book which is forbidden to read as per his religion. She informed it to her son about it.Son was very upset by this and he spoked to his friend about it.He Informed him about a Fakhir who can see Past,Present and Future.He planned to take his Father to that Fakhir.Fakhir was outside the village so while going to Fakhirs place his father saw a krishna mandir and Aarti was going on he went to Aarti.His son tryed to stop him but he was not listning to him finally they reached to Fakhirs Home.Fakhir saw him and Informed Maulana that you have to go to Calcutta and you have to meet Arbindo Mukherji and you will know why is this Happening with you.Son took him to Calcutta and there they met Arbindo Mukherjis son and he Informed that my Father Died before 52 years and there is his Temple he worked for all the people in our Vilage and Villagers have given him the title of Saint.Maulana understood that he is the punarjanma of that Saint.They went back to there Village and Maulana went crazy by thinking about rebirth.For Seven Days he was behaving like a mad man.One Night he was sleeping and Shree Krishna came in his Dream.Maulana asked him why is he doing with him while he is born as muslim.Krishna Informed that he came to Temple of krishna and he Spended 24 hours there and due to which saint Arbindo mukherji is Alive inside it.Maulana want to get out of this.Krishna Informed him he cant get out of it but he can take it positively and problem can be Resolved.Maulana asked him how is that Possible.Krishna Informed him that he can make people in his village Aware about Humanity and Krishna Disappeared.Maulana woke up and then he was feeling well and started behaving nicely with her Wife and Son.He started meeting the Vilagers and started preaching about both the Religions.He went to Muslim People and Informed them what Bhagvat Gita is all about.He then started visiing Hindus and explained what is written in Khuran.He Started Awaking People About Humanity how human being can help human being in their bad time.He taught people that we can not differentiate people by Caste or Creed they are know by what kind of Human they are.People started understanding the thought of Maulana and Apreciated him for the good deed what he is doing.People Started following him and stayed united.Muslim Participated in Diwali and Hindus Participated in Eid.Emperor came to know about Maulana making people united in Village.He told Soldiers to bring Maulana to his Palace.Maulana came to Palace and Emperor Punished him for what he did and he decided Imprisonment for Life Time.People in Village came to know about it and people revolted against Emperor.Emperor was very Angry due to the Revolt and he Informed Soldiers to Hang Maulana till Death.Next Day Maulana was taken to hang and was asked for his last wish.Maulana said I want to Perform Hindu prayers and want to read Namaz for last time.Emperor came to know about the last wish and refused it but man who was going to Hang him arranged everything for him what he wanted.Maulana completed his prayers and read Namaz and finally he was Hanged.People in village came to know that Maulana is hanged and he is dead.Mob of people enterd the Emperor Palace with intention to destroy the Palace.Emperor came to know about it and he ran away.Maulanas Dead body was taken out of his palace and Muslim People said Maulana will be Burried as he was born as Muslim.Hindus says he will be given Fire as he was partly Hindu and followed Hindu tradition.His wife told it was the last wish of Maulana before his death was that he should become the food of Animals.As per Maulanas last wish his body was given to Animals.People made Maulanas Idol and was placed at open Ground which was not a Temple or Mousque.Everybody started performing Prayers and Namaz at that open Place.

This story is for all the people who are fighting for there Religion.Humanity comes first and Religion is secondary. Be Human.
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Posted On : Sep 18, 2012
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